Friday, 20 March 2015

"Sewing for Pleasure" at NEC

Just back from this show at the NEC. Just a bit disappointed this year, as there were far fewer groups exhibiting really interesting work.
However three things really did stand out.
"Experimental Textiles" students of Kim Thittichai had a fascinating display of their just completed nine, two day course. Full of fascinating experimental textiles and students' sketchbooks.

Jane Bradshaw's excellent sketchbook really caught my eye. The students stewarding their stand were quite excellent ambassadors for the programme and I enjoyed chatting to them about the work.  I also thought how much my work might benefit from such a rigorous programme!

"Jeudis" exhibited again this year. I had been completely bowled over by Elaine Winterton's work last year and her vessels shown this year were less quirky but stunning pieces. She has the instant recognition factor! I was also drawn to Christine Plummer's mixed media, framed work and enjoyed talking to members about their work.

CQ and the Journal Quilts again had a stand and these little gems attracted a good number of visitors drawn to the fabulous array of 8" squares.

I really liked these pieces:

Three of mine were there too

I have come home with a selection of scrim, sari ribbon, threads and beads and bought some very tactile linen/silk mix and a piece of recycled cotton from the help Burma stall which I hope will become a new quilt in a very different colour way for me. More later!

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  1. I am missing this event this year. First time for a couple of years and if I'm honest it has been one of my favourites ( and I ususually do a stint on the JQ stand). So thanks for this little write up.