Monday, 30 March 2015

African Quilt pt.3

With a clear view of the source inspiration for this piece I began looking at quilt design ideas.

I also looked at an idea I had used on a recent piece, where I made a large and a small quilt and stitched the small one onto the surface of the larger. Below is a photo showing the edge of the smaller quilt lying on the background quilt.

This would allow me to use the fabulous yellow fabric from Esther as my background while I then created a smaller piece using the shape and colour and feel of the sun on the water.

When I got to this stage I was really happy with the concept and could then bring together the fabrics I would use to suggest the sunset on the river. My stash is more than adequate and a recent purchase of another piece of Esther's fabric fitted with the concept as well.

I also realised that a piece of cotton damask created by Nene Jallow from The Gambia would fit with this scheme as well. (the bottom swatch)
As I will have a significant amount of the yellow Esther fabric as a whiolecloth quilt, I needed to give a lot of thought to the quilting of it.
The photo from the river, showing the patterning of the ripples suggested a simple watery horizontal quilting to me.

My design included putting a vertical stril through this yellow fabric, would that affect the quilting? Another sample needed.

My feeling was that the strip did not necessitate changing the quilting pattern.
Now I had to try out my idea for the smaller top quilt, stitching strips of colour. Did it matter id the strips were straight or curved? I decided that it was an abstraction from the photo and therefore quite OK to use straight lines.

I like the hand stitching, and plan to continue any of these lines through into the background quilt to anchor the two pieces together.
Now I just have to get stitching for real and make this quilt!!


  1. Love seeing how your work develops

  2. It's fascinating to see your process and the way you consider the fabric and the design so thoroughly.

  3. Good afternoon Sarah,

    The quilt that you are describing in this post really caught my eye at this year's Festival of Quilts. I am currently undertaking a two-year Quilt Judging Course with the Quilters Guild and wonder if you would be kind enough to answer some questions about you work, to aid my studies? If you have time, please email me at
    Thank you,