Friday, 23 November 2012

More stitching

Its been a bit quiet as I have been up to my neck in things which needed to be done by this week..... Now I'm able to breathe again and can report on the next stitching day.
Great fun, difficult to explain to a non stitcher that you spent a day learning 3 new stitches and stitching variations of them!
We started where we left off - Sorbello Stitch but using yarn in the needle made up of strands from different coloured stranded threads - 3 yellow 1 blue / 2 yellow 2 blues /  3 blue 1 yellow giving a gradual transition more subtle than the multi dyed threads.

I am sure that I can use this in my work.
We then looked at stitches which involved weaving techniques. Woven spiders web stitch is simple but very effective and despite its name would give textured flowers.
In a more celestial vein the same stitch with long tentacles left un-stitched and beaded is very effective.
Bullion knots were next on the agenda, flat and wiggly!
All of these stitchy elements could be incorporated into one of my future quilts, a very exciting prospect!


  1. These are lovely.

    I am not really one for hand stitching but looking at these lovely effects perhaps I should have a bit of a rethink.


  2. This is the first time I've really started to think about embroidery on my quilts - an exciting development!