Sunday, 11 March 2012


I had been so looking forward to going to the Hockney exhibition, I hoped it would live up to expectation. Wow...... it certainly did.
I'm not sure that I have the vocabulary to do the pictures justice, but I found them almost spiritual in their homage to the English countryside. The Yorkshire Wolds are an area I have come to know quite well, traversing them to visit family over many, many years. His pictures really capture the feel of the area and the light. I could have wished for less people, to be able to stand further back from the pictures to see the full glory of the huge canvasses. Now I wish I had bought tickets for more than one visit!

Not quite sure how I have the gaul to write this in the same post, but.... I have had two pieces hung in the Corby Open Art Exhibition, now on. "The Rocks of Petra" and "War Torn". Its good to get some textiles hung in these events, just three pieces this time, perhaps more next time.


  1. Dear Sarah, I would be really interested in seeing photos of your exhibit pieces here, as I'm not able to see them in the gallery.
    Glad you also enjoyed the Hockney exhibition. I was particularly moved by his ability to freely make use of new tools as they come along and meet them in a playful way. Very inspiring!
    Lots of love Kerstin

  2. I loved the Hockney exhibition too. The colours were amazing.

    I'd love to see your work at Corby - but aren't able to make it. Hope I'll see it somewhere else. FoQ?