Wednesday, 21 March 2012

CQ 10 - final

I have been so under the cosh this last week trying to get my CQ10 piece finished. What anguish this piece has caused, it has really thrown up short comings in my initial designing, something I really must work on! I think I still have too much magpie in my approach with out the clarity of what I want to achieve.
But.....I have finished, there are elements I am really pleased with but on the whole this is not my best work, but I will submit it, as it has exercised my mind for so long!
This small section gives you an idea of how it has turned out. I shall now await the scrutiny of the jury and hope that I have done enough to be included!
Now all I have to do, very quickly, is decide if I am entering a piece for FoQ in August!!

1 comment:

  1. Your snippet makes me want to see more Sarah. Well done for persevering and I hope you get selected. I still havn't decided about FOQ either. I have a few ideas but not much enthusiasm yet.