Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Embroidered book covers

At this time of year there are lots of demands for money raising items. Our Embroiderers' guild hold a coffee morning each year at the beginning of December. As a little light relief from my Bletchley Park quilt, which has been causing me problems, I have been making embroidered book covers as these seem to sell well.
For these little books I used some off cuts from earlier Petra quilt samples and added some beads, made braids and a button fastening. Quite a good way of using up bits of quilted samples or even pieces that have lain fallow for some time and can be recycled in this easy way.
The larger book cover was made using a technique taught by Sue Turner at FoQ last year, they sold well last year so I'll do them again. They don't take long, look much more complex than they are!! A friend has been making felt poppies for British Legion, with beaded centres, they are more attractive than the paper ones and a donation of £5 is for a good cause. Next year I'll make my own with the twist of organza petals over the felt and even more beads - make a statement of it!!

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