Friday, 11 November 2011

Bletchley Park 3

Things have not been going entirely according to plan! Having quilted the searchlight beams through the quilt and adding some bursts of flack the piece has distorted and gone very baggy in places.
I was almost ready to consign it to the bin,a failed project is sooo disappointing, all that effort coming to nothing. However, one of my ISG fellow students suggested that I try small, very stipple quilting, as it might "tighten" the whole thing up. I was a tad sceptical, but, hey, it was destined for the bin if I did nothing! It really has made a difference!
Now I will work towards it completion! It will need blocking and very careful binding to ensure that its not a wavy edged piece, but at least its worth going on. Sometimes one gets so bogged down one can't see a way out and you need another's input. Thats one of the reasons I so love being part of the ISG.

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