Friday, 12 August 2011

Festival of Quilts - Blowing my own trumpet!

Yesterday was a wonderful treat - so many really interesting quilts and individual exhibitions, I have only done a small proportion of the show. Thank goodness I'm going back again!
It's a lovely feeling to see the work one has fussed over for so many many months finally hanging. Sadly my "Rocks of Petra" quilt was hung on the bottom of a panel so without light none of the detail showed up. The lesson I've learned is that one needs to make the work big enough to command a board to oneself!!!!
Given how long "Navaho" has taken to complete, I'm really pleased with it and it looked effective and seemed to generate some interest at the show. I really like its bold pattern and colours.
I have also come away with the neucleus of fabric for the next big quilt! I'll need to lots more dyeing of fabrics, but the basis is now in place - so exiting, I want to start now!


  1. Hi. I loved your quilt. I agree it's a shame that some of the quilts are placed low - you need to make the next one big or long..
    Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. I enjoyed seeing both of your quilts Sarah but I agree 'Petra' wasn't helped by its placing. I liked Petra but I also liked Navaho. I took a couple of close up photos myself. The colours were great!