Sunday, 13 March 2011

Jo Budd and CQ AGM

I had a wonderful day in London yesterday at the CQ AGM. Its the opportunity to meet up with the folk one reads so much about on the yahoo site, to hear more about how CQ functions and what is in the pipeline.
Our speaker this year was Jo Budd. You may remember her magnificent exhibitions at FoQ, it was her boat series in 2007 which had me hooked and its lovely to think that one of these pieces is now in the Guild Museum permanent collection. Jo very generously took us through her portfolio with brilliant incites into her methods with particular reference to Male, Winter and Female, Summer pieces which were shown at the V&A last year. Her work seems so intuitive but with her painting background I'm sure that she must spend many hours in a sketchbook first.
I was also very interested in some recent small pieces she brought with her, the change of scale was very striking and I was knocked out by her clever evocation of snow.
As ever one comes away filled with ones own sense

of inadequacy!

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  1. I was there too Sarah! I'm sorry we didn't spot each other. The talk was fascinating wasn't it? I came away with lots of notes of ideas Jo's talk sparked off in me. Not that I could come anywhere near this standard of work but I was interested in her methods for rust dyeing.