Sunday, 6 March 2011

ISG - Experimenting with fabric dyeing and printing - 2

I spent yesterday dyeing! A second set of cotton fabrics to be used in my "Strata" quilt. This time I was working on purples which I had already been told by Anne Beech, would be difficult for me to get the shade I was after! She was right, and I now need to invest in a Grape coloured procian dye if I want to continue with this colour range. She introduced me to a fascinating book - The "Fabric Dyers' Dictionary" by Linda Johansen which I shall have to get hold of if I want to continue to produce my own fabrics.
I think I can improve one of yesterdays batches by screen printing a grid type pattern over the surface which will work well in the small sections I plan to be working with. This fabric will form some "plain" blocks between the highly patterned and stitched strata blocks. I'm really looking forward to starting to stitch these pieces.
I also managed to screen print further on my tea dyed fabric for the "holes" range of work I'm progressing. I also managed to stamp that batch with a mini squares block that will provide textural interest once quilted.
Priority one is now to get my pieces from Angie Hughes' couse last yaer mounted before I go off on holiday.

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  1. Dyeing fabric is difficult if you have a very specific aim in mind. I don't - so I'm generally satisfied with the results. I do think the freshness of the dye and how it's stored impacts on the result too. As long as you had a good day...
    I did well with dyeing thread last time as I wrapped it on an old cotton reel - so no mangled mess at the end.