Saturday, 20 February 2010

Setting out.......

Through Brenda Boardman's excellent tuition I started to be a little more free with ideas and techniques. Her challenge, to design and produce a wall hanging of a specific size for the Easter Exhibition at The Bramblepatch, allowed me to try to work from a sketchbook and to experiment before coming to my final design. This process was hard as I generally conceive my designs as a whole.
My initial ideas went back to the use of text - messages within the quilt and I explored the use of naval flags to hide a message within the quilt. I got as far as prodcing the ground for the piece and I still like the idea but the size constraints of the challenge made it unworkable. I decided to enter this as an experimental piece and start again So.... back to the drawing board.
This time I went back to the colours I love and the fabrics I had brought back from a recent trip to Africa and looked for some traditional africal patterns on which to base my piece. Using block and screen prints and an abstract grid I finished in time.
With hindsite I can now see lots of errors in the design and the making but it was good to try and meet an external criteria for the first time.

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