Monday, 22 February 2010

CQ Journal Quilt challenge

Having seen previous Journal Quilts at FoQ I felt that I could use this smaller format to develop my work. Participants need to register and work on a theme all year, producing a quilt a month. This year the size was 7" x 10" portrait format only. A theme is not set, but we can choose to work with one.
I have chosen to work with a theme - I hope it will teach me the discipline of working in different ways to explore one thing -not hopping about to the next shiny object I'm drawn to!
My theme is "Just another cog in the machine" Its election year but I feel quite alienated from the process - how do I make my wishes felt and how do I engage in the process which effectively disenfranchises most of us who do not live in marginal seats! Hence my choice -
I have started with images of cogs and wheels and will then look at ways in which I can use these images in my work.

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