Monday, 17 October 2016

Khadi paper printing

Khadi paper printing

Chris and Sheena at CQ Weedon Bec group generously showed us a technique for printing onto paper that can then be stitched. It was an eye opener! A lovely way of stitching into an image without the sheen one gets with some of the fabric sheets sold for printing.
I had to buy CMC Gum. Harborough couldn't source it but my friend online shopping got in for me very quickly! I had Khadi paper and scrim or muslin.

Mixing the CMC Gum is the hardest part of the whole process. It must be fiercely agitated as the powder meets the water and as I made a small quantity in a jar I then shook the jar for some while before the lumps disappeared.
I cut scrim just larger than the paper. Painted the Gum on the paper and then smoothed the scrim over the paper ensuring that there were no creases and that all of it was adhering to the paper. It then needed to dry completely.

I then trimmed off the excess scrim making sure there were no loose ends to get caught in the printer.
My Khadi paper was smaller than A4 so I needed to tape it to an A4 page so that it would feed into the printer.
I then scanned the image and printed it.

I put wadding beneath the paper and then worked free machine stitch over the image.

I'm really pleased with it.

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  1. Oh gosh! I just love Khadi paper but have never tried this. I wish I could get to the Weedon job but the pesky day job gets in the way. This is just fabulous. All sorts of possibilities!