Sunday, 2 August 2015

Are you ready for "The Game of Quilts"?

It's almost time for the Festival of Quilts, starting on Thursday at NEC in Birmingham. This year the Guild is initiating a new feature. "The Game of Quilts " and as a mad thing I have signed up to take part! Teams, of four, at any one time, will attempt to make a quilt in a day to be donated to Birmingham's Children's hospital. "All Layered Up" is ready to go.....

We have been given a block and can do anything we like with it as long as we create a quilt of a minimum 48" square between 10am and 5.30pm six and a half hours from start to finish with just one sewing machine!

This is the block we have been given to work with, a three patch.

These are the fabrics we have chosen to make it with
We have spent a day working out how we will do it, practicing some of the techniques we will use and how we will deploy our work force. There actually six of us in the team, so we each get a bit of a break from the "sweatshop" for a coffee, a comfort break and some retail therapy. It means we have had to schedule our workload in four sections so when we are working we know what to do. 
This activity is open so that visitors to the show can watch and ask questions as we go along or barrack from the sidelines. We will be there all day on Thursday, down by the Theatre area, come and say hello!

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous undertaking and working to a time limit too!