Monday, 27 April 2015

Uttoxeter Quilt and Stitch Village. Pt 1

My first visit to this show left me with mixed feelings. In size, approachable, so one could see all exhibits easily in the day and today, sparsely attended so it was lovely to stand in front of work for as long as one wanted. I liked the mix of Quilt and Embroidery on display, chiming with my love of embellishing the surface of my work with hand and machine embroidery. There were a good selection of traders, my favourites being The African Fabric Shop and Oakshotts, more of which later!

The Paddock Boxes held an interesting collection of work by "Stitch in the Middle" a Contemporary Quilt Group regional group, where members had created work based on a visit to Whitewick Manor including a "Whisper" where members used a photograph as a starting point, with one person making a small piece in response to the photo, photographing their creation and sending this image to the next in the group who then made a piece based on the photo they received. This being repeated to every member of the group of six or seven. I was particularly fascinated by this as I have been participating in a similar process over the past few months and I'm looking forward to the "reveal"! 
CQ's collection of Journal Quilts were very well received, I enjoyed stewarding these as they provoke so much comment and discussion from visitors. 
There were some mind blowing quilts by Kathleen Matthews NDD, incredibly detailed evocations of landscape populated with animals and fantasy personas in the the most exquisite machine stitch detail imaginable! I could appreciate the skill without liking the work.
These were the positive elements of the quilting exhibits. Those in the main halls were much more traditional and reflected a wide range of skills in the makers.  There was a higher percentage of the embroidery display that was technically really good and I'm going to single out a few pieces.
Lesley Alexander's "Weathered Surfaces 4 & 5" were stitch interpretations of " faded, decayed, worn and weathered surfaces", intricate machine stitched textural pieces.

Complete works and a detail.

I was also drawn to "An English Meadow" by Rita E Weston a hand dyed fabric and thread tryptic which was full of detail, print and stitch that matched its title so well.

I also enjoyed "Golden Memories" by L Platts where the simple lines and bold colours drew one to the piece.

In the next post I'll share my exciting purchases!


  1. I really enjoyed the show and I'm hoping that it keeps growing every year!

  2. Tantalising glimpses of gorgeous work!