Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Bluebell Wood

Continuing my adventures with abstraction I have decided to work the next three months' JQs on this theme. A walk through the bluebells with celandine and daisies flooded with sunlight is my starting point. 

I have collected together a collection of fabrics within this colour scheme and will now see what I can make of these in an abstract format.

These are some of the fabrics.
My first idea was to create a strip quilt with segments of blue for the bluebells among the leaves and other flowers. 
Here is the finished piece.

I think the strips are too wide for the size of the quilt and the blue/grey strip too dark for the rest of the piece. Now I have to think of another abstract treatment I could use .


  1. I liked your mock up but I agree, the dark strip is a little too much. You could always break the area up with some embellishment. I love the fabric that you've used in the binding and for the first and last strips.

  2. I love seeing the process people go through to produce their work. Thanks for sharing