Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I have been cogitating recently about creativity; this sometimes elusive feature of my life and on why it seems to appear and disappear seemingly at random.
I have never been able to summon it at will, can sometimes be quite overwhelmed by its sudden appearance and yet be anxious when it seems to have deserted me.
I have had various books recommended to me, all of which either state the blindingly obvious or set about recommending a punishing schedule of personal navel contemplation to to bring creativity back!
BUT ......
It has recently struck me that the analogy I need when trying to understand this phenomenon relates to mining for precious metals! Bare with me...........
Years ago I was engaged in the prospecting phase when I was discovering that I was quite good at making things and could come up with my own ideas rather than follow a pattern. At this stage I knew that creativity existed within my compass somewhere, but not necessarily where!
You need to dig down within yourself until you strike the seam that you have been grasping for - the thrill of discovering this rich vein - leads to the creation of all sorts of work; one is engaged by it; fascinated by the possibilities but like the vein it has a habit of abruptly halting, it disappears. You understand that it must still be there but now have to dig again to find where it has shifted to. Sometimes when you find the vein again it is thin and difficult to mine but intellectually I now understand that by following this thin vein I will eventually reach the main load and will be driven to create again and to enjoy the freedom I've gained.
This is a very affirming analogy and allows me to recognise that it is being open to the possibilities that makes creativity work! Now when creativity goes quiet I no longer panic but keep some aspect of making going until it pops up again!

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