Friday, 11 May 2012

Abstract trials 2

Still working on ways of achieving the very abstract shapes I want to use on my next piece. I've been concentrating on how I attach shapes to a background which will be constructed of large pieces joined in an irregular way. Traditional piecing will not do.
I have looked at a version of reverse appliqué, with machine stitched edges, on a very loosely woven fabric. It works very much better than appliquéing it to the surface.
The stitching is poor, I was in a hurry, but with a better choice of thread and taking time with it, this will do the job I want.
I have some lovely silks which have just the right depth of colour and sheen, but fray really badly, so I've tried the same technique with these as well.
Again the choice of thread could be better, but made when away from the workroom and limited choice of materials. Unhappy about the circle, will look again at home I can do those, probably by trapping a circle under organza.
I found some lovely Stef Frances dyed felt, its far too nice to experiment with but I have have substituted some plain felt for my samples.
This will work well as simple appliqué.
I have also taken the plunge and bought some Oakshotts fabric for the background. Now I need to draw it all out to size and get on with it!

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