Monday, 8 October 2012


I have just returned from a Contemporary Quilt "Winter School" weekend - 2 days with Janice Gunner learning all about Shibori and dyeing with Indigo - a fabulous opportunity to really get stuck in to a new technique. The washing line is now full of the washed samples and now all I have to do is decide what I'm going to do with all the pieces!
We spent Friday evening learning about Shibori and beginning to tie our fabric ready for the morning.
Twisting the fabric over the needle gave an interesting effect.
Curved lines of Ori-Nui were easier to stitch than I imagined!
This is how my sample turned out, I like the fluidity of the shapes created.
We then looked at pole wrapping which I tried in white cotton and with natural coloured silk noil. By leaving a "frill of fabric outside the tube you get a non patterned egde to the dyed piece so I tried this.

It was really hard to push the silk noil down far enough on the pole to sit in the dye bath as the fabric has much more body than the cotton.
This is the pole dyed silk noil - it has a lovely texture and the silk takes up the dye really well.
Whilst I doubt that I will work with Indigo on my own at home, I realise that the techniques can be used with Procian dyes and the colour combinations could be really exciting!
I am sure that some of these samples will become Bookwraps!

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